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Interior Staging and Decorating

With a keen eye for detail. We will help you think of every aspect of your space to be transformed. From flooring and wall colour to lighting choices, there is no part of your home or business we can't help you decorate and stage.

Contact us at:

306 930 1339

Frequent Questions:

1.What do I get for my consultation?

Most consultations take 1-2 hours. The consultation is to help you. We will move through each area of the home and any questions or design requests we will discuss at this time. this can be done before a project is started or after the design is finished to be staged for selling or decorated to enjoy for your own.

2.How much does it cost?

Initial consultation fee of $95.00 + GST will provide an in home consultation within 50 km of Prince Albert or a Video conference for clients further out of town. After the initial consultation time is billed hourly at $65 hour and billed semi monthly. Before we proceed we will discuss the level of assistance you would like from us and what of the budget is allocated for services rendered. In home/business consultation can be done greater then 50 km for an additional fee. Please contact for details

3.What services do you provide?

Weather we help with the whole project or just the part you need help with no project is too big or small. We can help you unclutter, prioritize, pick and install decor, organization, colour choices and paint, flooring, furniture selection, interior and exterior design, project management and more.

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